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Encouragement, Empowerment, & Strategies to Transform From Destructive to Productive Relationships

Take the opportunity to invest in yourself and acquire the support necessary to eliminate negative mindsets, transform your relationships, and maintain control over your life. Our coaching services offer flexible programs spanning three months or six months. For additional details and to make a worthwhile investment in your personal growth, schedule a consultation with one of our coaches today!





What Is Coaching?

Coaching has experienced significant growth since the 1980s, emerging as a profession dedicated to helping individuals enhance their skills and achieve their goals. It's important to note that coaching and counseling are distinct approaches. While counseling is aimed at addressing mental health concerns and involves diagnosis and treatment, coaching does not diagnose or treat conditions. Instead, coaching is focused on creating actionable solutions to propel individuals towards their future goals.

In terms of approach, counseling often emphasizes exploring emotions, while coaching places a stronger emphasis on taking action. While counseling often asks "why" questions, coaching tends to focus on "how" questions. Counseling typically delves into the past and examines what has happened to the individual, whereas coaching concentrates on the present and future, exploring how individuals can leverage their experiences. Additionally, counseling often focuses on addressing weaknesses, while coaching highlights strengths.

If a client requires counseling support that goes beyond the scope of coaching, we may refer them to a qualified counselor. It is also possible to work with both a coach and a counselor, or alternatively, to seek counseling before returning to coaching. It's important to note that coaching services are not typically covered by insurance.

We invite you to submit an inquiry without any obligation to determine if our program aligns with your needs and goals.

Available Worldwide

Coaching is virtual and available worldwide through software & technology such as zoom, skype, and other video conference apps.

Convenience & Flexibility

Sessions can be scheduled weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly depending on how often you feel you need to meet with your coach.

Safety & Privacy

Sessions are confidential and receive the same kind of privacy privilege as counseling.

Recorded Sessions

Sessions can be recorded so that we can go back and watch the session again as needed.

Your Abundant Relationship Coaches

Whether you are in the process of healing from a destructive relationship or aspiring to cultivate a more fulfilling and constructive one, Steph and Sarah are here to provide unwavering support and equip you with the necessary tools. Through their Abundant Relationships Transition program, they offer guidance and resources to help you achieve your goals and transform your relationships.

Based on their personal experiences as survivors and their extensive training, Steph and Sarah have created a comprehensive coaching program. Their objective is to support individuals in developing their own strategies to cultivate healthy, productive relationships and build strong marriages with clearly defined roles. To schedule a consultation and make a valuable investment in personal growth, individuals are encouraged to reach out to Steph and Sarah at Wind Haven Foundation.

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