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Best Online Support Groups for Abusive Relationships

Thursday, July 06, 2023

Recovering With Grace/Domestic Violence/Best Online Support Groups for Abusive Relationships

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Sarah Grace

In a world where the prevalence of domestic violence continues to cast a dark shadow on countless lives, there is a dire need for safe spaces where survivors can find solace, healing, and support. If you've experienced domestic abuse or violence and are in need of survivor support, this is a comprehensive list of support groups available online and free of charge. If you are in immediate danger, please contact the national domestic violence hotline at: 800-799-7233.

Online Support Groups for Abusive Relationships

Online, Free, Private, & Confidential!

🌟 Introducing Wind Haven's Domestic Violence/Abusive Relationship Recovery Support Group! 🌟

Are you seeking hope and healing after enduring an abusive relationship? Look no further! At Wind Haven, we have created an extraordinary initiative to support survivors on their journey to reclaiming their lives. Our Domestic Violence/Abusive Relationship Recovery Support Group is a 100% free, online, and private community, providing a safe haven for individuals who have suffered from abusive relationships.

What sets our support group apart? We go the extra mile to ensure survivors find the solace and support they need:

💬 Weekly Virtual Zoom Support Meetings: Connect with others who have walked similar paths during our weekly virtual support gatherings. Share experiences, insights, and healing strategies in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

🗨️ Round-the-Clock Discussion and Chat Support: We understand that healing isn't limited to scheduled meetings. That's why our group offers continuous discussion and chat support, so you can access help and encouragement whenever you need it.

🙊 Anonymous Posting Option: We respect your privacy. If you prefer to share your experiences anonymously, our group provides a secure and confidential space for you to do so.

🌟 Led by Trauma-Informed Administrators: Our support group is thoughtfully guided by administrators who are not only trained in trauma-informed care but are also survivors themselves. They understand the complexities of healing from abuse and are dedicated to creating a supportive community.

💻 Facebook-Based Community: To access our support group, a Facebook account is required. This allows us to create a close-knit, nurturing environment where survivors can connect and support one another.

Join our Domestic Violence/Abusive Relationship Recovery Support Group today and take the first step towards reclaiming your life. Remember, you are not alone, and healing is possible. Let's walk this journey together.

r/domesticviolence on Reddit

Looking for guidance and support in dealing with domestic violence? Look no further than r/domesticviolence on Reddit! This valuable online community provides a safe and anonymous space for survivors to connect, share their stories, seek advice, and find understanding from others who have been through similar experiences.

At r/domesticviolence, your privacy is respected, thanks to the anonymous posting option. Feel free to participate without revealing your identity, giving you the confidence to open up and seek the help you need.

Join r/domesticviolence today and become part of a compassionate and empowering community dedicated to fostering healing and supporting survivors. Together, we can navigate the complexities of domestic violence and find strength in unity.

Private Facebook Group

Step into a realm of compassion and strength as you discover this thoughtfully designed private community, a sanctuary crafted with utmost care for survivors and allies of domestic violence. Embarking on a journey of healing and empowerment, members find solace in the secure and confidential environment curated with unwavering dedication. Led by a DV survivor, this support group is an extraordinary force on Facebook, resonating with the hearts of countless individuals who seek understanding and support.

Within the digital haven of this private community, survivors and allies are embraced with open arms, finding a valuable space to share their stories, seek guidance, and connect with others who comprehend the depths of their experiences. The collective bond within the group is unyielding, creating a sense of unity and solidarity that extends far beyond virtual boundaries. Each member is treated with the utmost respect and care, nurtured by the empathetic leadership of the DV survivor at its helm.

Unfolding as a beacon of hope and empathy, this support group becomes a lifeline for those navigating the complexities of domestic violence. Empowering resources, uplifting discussions, and unwavering support flourish within this nurturing space. As survivors and allies unite, they discover that they are not alone on this journey of healing and growth.

Private Facebook Group

Led by the dedicated advocate Ashley McCowan, this domestic violence support group stands as an empowering sanctuary for survivors and allies alike. Thoughtfully designed to provide a secure and confidential environment, the community offers a safe space for healing and understanding. As one of the largest support groups on Facebook, its reach extends far, connecting individuals from all walks of life who seek support and guidance on their journey to reclaim their strength.

With Ashley's extensive experience and compassionate approach, the group becomes a wellspring of invaluable resources and unwavering support. Survivors find solace in the understanding and embrace of like-minded souls, celebrating triumphs and supporting each other through challenges. The anonymous posting option empowers individuals to share their experiences freely, fostering an atmosphere of trust and non-judgment.

In this extraordinary support group, the transformative power of compassion and unity unfolds daily. Each life touched by the community reflects the profound impact made together. Joining this empowering journey, survivors discover a path toward healing and resilience, knowing that they are never alone in their struggles.

If you run an online-based support group for domestic violence survivors, e-mail us at to be included in our list!

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Hi, I Am Sarah Grace

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Hi, I Am Steph

We are domestic violence survivors, co-authors of Relationship Detox, and Abundant Relationship coaches.

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