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Before You Date Again: Red Flags Vs. Green Flags

Relationship Detox - PDF E-Devotional


We’ve designed this devotional to help you identify not only the red flags of potentially toxic or abusive relationships but also to help you identify the green flags of a healthy relationship. It can be easy to jump right into a new toxic relationship following similar patterns of the previous one. This is why it is essential to detox from an unhealthy relationship and take time to understand the red flags that may have been there so that you can recognize them in the future.

Inside this devotional book, you will discover:

  • ​Relationship Red Flags, so you can know what to avoid.
  • ​Relationship Green Flags, so you can know what is healthy.
  • ​Quick Reference Guides, so you can pinpoint the top red & green flags.


Do you feel like you need a spa day to detox from your last relationship?

Red flags aren’t all deal breakers but are important to pay attention to, and too many of them could be a sign of a bigger problem. Green flags give us clues about the long-term health of a relationship with someone. These show someone’s character, values, openness, and more. Red flags tell us if it might be time to end a relationship. Green flags are positive signals that a relationship could make it through the long haul.

This is a daily devotional intended to encourage a biblical approach to relationships. This is not psychological or medical advice. Please read this devotional in addition to seeking relationship help from your mental health professional. We are making no claims of treatment or cure for any mental health condition or physical illness. If you are in a physically abusive relationship right now call the National Domestic Violence Hotline: 800-799-7233 or your local police department.

Digital PDF Relationship Detox Devotional. A physical copy is available for purchase on

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