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Shattering the Silence: Domestic Violence Awareness Education and Safety Planning

The purpose of domestic violence education is to promote awareness, understanding, and prevention of domestic violence and abuse. It is important because domestic violence and abuse are serious problems that affect millions of people worldwide. Education on this topic can help individuals recognize the signs of abuse, understand the dynamics of abuse, and learn how to respond appropriately to protect themselves and others.

Domestic violence education can also help break the cycle of abuse by promoting healthy relationships, communication, and conflict-resolution skills. Additionally, education on legal and community resources available to victims can help ensure their safety and well-being. Overall, domestic violence education is essential in creating a safer and more respectful society where everyone can live free from violence and abuse.


Domestic Violence Awareness Education
A1 Lesson 1: Why Domestic Violence Education is Important
Understanding Domestic Violence & Abuse
A2 Lesson 1: What is Domestic Violence?
A2 Lesson 2: What is Gaslighting?
A2 Lesson 3: What is the Cycle of Abuse?
The Effects of Domestic Violence & Abuse
A3 Lesson 1: Trauma Bond
A3 Lesson 2: Grief & Mental Health
A3 Lesson 3: How Abuse Impacts Physical Health
Safety Planning for Domestic Violence & Abuse
A5 Lesson 1: What is Hoovering?
A5 Lesson 2: Safety Planning
A5 Lesson 3: Destructive Relationship Patterns

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